Latino Orsini: The Second Designer of the Fortress

Venetian engineer. Military commander of Crete from March 19, 1571, to December 23, 1573. Responsible in 1571 for designing and constructing the fortress of Souda in Chania. In 1573, the stronghold of Paleokastro was also founded under his instructions in Fraskia Bay, northwest of Heraklion.

He visits Spinalonga in 1584 and criticized the design by Genese Bressani, finding it inadequate, as it exposes the fortress to a potential raid from the nearby peninsula of Spinalonga. Under his guidance during the period 1585-1586, the fortification works begin on the island's ridge and the transverse parts of the wall, which form a second defense zone together with the sea walls.

The artillery square in the center of the summit wall, mentioned as Orsino in the 1638 plan of the Venetian engineer Francesco Basilicata, owes its name to the Latino Orsini. ©Mikros Nautilus Publications. Heraklion