Aerial Image of the basilica in Kolokytha Bay. ©Ephorate of Antiquities of Lasithi

Basilica in Kolokytha Bay

On the eastern beach of the Spinalonga peninsula, in the bay of Kolokytha, there is another basilica, which, according to the surface indications, is directly connected with an inhabited area, as well as with the operation of the port there.

The temple has at least two building phases. The original one dates back to the 5th century, while the second one to the time of the emperor Justinian, around the middle of the 6th century A.D., when the original wooden roof of the basilica was replaced by vaults and a central dome. In the second phase, the temple was decorated with rich sculptural decoration from marble of Prokonisos, which was manufactured in the workshops of Constantinople.

Based on the testimony of the coins, the use of the basilica is documented until the 7th century A.D.

Photo Gallery

Aspect of the basilica of Kolokytha, where its sculptural decoration can be seen. ©Ephorate of Antiquities of Lasithi

Marble parapet (low rectangular partition) from the basilica of Kolokytha, currently exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Saint Nikolaos. ©Ephorate of Antiquities of Lasithi