Selected Exhibits

Spherical Videos

For 3D navigation, use the arrows at the top left of the video while it is running or drag the mouse over the video.

Barbariga demi-lune

360° tour from inside the fortress of Spinalonga towards the Barbariga demi-lune that protects the southern front of the island. The exploration starts from the outside of the demi-lune and passes inside, offering panoramic views of the bay of Elounda.

Duration 06:00 minutes.

Perimeter road

360° tour from inside the fortress of Spinalonga and the entire perimeter road of the islet. Through the main road it passes from the Ottoman shops, to the church of Saint Panteleimon, the houses and the Main Gate to the Dormitories of the Leper Colony. It continues to the coastal enclosure of the fortress, crossing the Michiel demi-lune, the semi-bastion of Scaramella, the church of St. George and the Donato bastion.

Duration 17:27 minutes.


360° tour of the high and steep rocky slopes of the ridge of the island of Spinalonga with panoramic views of the surroundings, the bay of Elounda, the peninsula of Kolokytha and the coast of Plaka.

Duration 06:42 minutes.

Saint Panteleimonas, Hospital, Saint Nicholas

360° tour from the vaulted cisterns at the height of the church of Saint Panteleimonas towards the Leper Colony Hospital and finally the church of Saint Nicholas.

Duration 03:24 minutes.

Interior of a house

360° tour from the Ottoman shops to the interior of a house of the settlement that stills has its mezzanine intact.

Duration 04:05 minutes.

Porta Maestra, Garrison building, Michiel demi-lune

360° tour from the west pier outside the Main Gate (Porta Maestra), which it crosses. It continues inside the Garrison Building- Disinfection Room. It follows the main road through the restored houses and the Leper Colony Dormitories to reach the Michiel demi-lune.

Duration 04:47 minutes.

Ottoman shops, tripartite building, Saint Nicholas

360° tour from the main street at the height of the Ottoman shops towards the tripartite building and finally the church of Saint Nicholas.

Duration 04:53 minutes.

South Gate, residence 102

360° tour from the south gate inside the fortress of Spinalonga to the two-storey house 102 with the frescoes through the street center.

Duration 06:00 minutes.