Design of the fortress by the engineer Angelo Oddi (1601), which demonstrates the finished form of the fortifications after the intervention of Orsini ( )

The inner fortification zone

During the first years of construction of the fortress, fortifications were formed on the high and steep rocky slopes of Spinalonga. The squares of Moretta and Mosta are formed on the north side above the northern demilune. To the south are the Moceniga squares, the elongated Miani tower and the imposing, curved-shaped Moceniga or Barbariga bastion, which effectively reinforces the front of the fortress facing the hill of the Spinalonga peninsula. Then, according to Latino Orsini's proposal, the inner zone of the fortress expands, and the wall is constructed along the ridge with three fortifications: the Veniera redent, the Orsini artillery square and the Contarini corner. Two branches, one in the southwest (Mema-Faliera) and one in the northeast (Molina), join the fortified zone of the summit with the perimeter wall.